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PadelOne Group is an international investor, real estate developer, operator of padel tennis facilities and vendor of padel tennis courts.  Our roots are in Europe, but our aim is to bring high-quality padel tennis and related services to every corner of the world.  Follow our story and our business milestones up until today


Before its IPO, Titania was one of the first in Sweden to redevelop industrial space into sports facilities. In 2019, one of Titania’s warehouses was successfully converted into a padel tennis facility. 

The first PadelOne padel facility in Stockholm is constructed with 7 courts and offices on the ground floor.  


PadelOne was founded, and the company took over the operations of the padel tennis facility through a joint venture with another leading Swedish padel tennis operator. ​


Following a strategic decision to initiate a large international expansion, all padel tennis businesses owned and operated in Sweden merged under the same organization, along with subsidiaries in Germany, United Kingdom, China and Hong Kong 


PadelOne signed its first facility outside of Sweden in Essen, Germany and the building is currently being transformed into a modern sports facility. 

PadelOne Group acquires over 70 courts along with inventories from 12 different padel facilities, previously operated by We Are Padel, located around Sweden. A sales organization for second hand padel courts as well as other supplementary services are put in place.


PadelOne signs its first facility outside of Europe in the UCP Sports Center in Beijing, China. As with previous facilities, PadelOne aims to create a unique multisports facility featuring both Padel and Pickleball.

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