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Padel is more compact in its nature than most other racquet sports. The court is smaller than a tennis court, surrounded by several meter high steel mesh- and glass walls, with artificial grass coating the court. The padel racquet is unique, being constructed with EVA foam with drilled holes on the striking surface.

The game is welcoming, and is the fastest growing sport in the world for a reason. Thrilling, accessible and special are all words that belong alongside Padel.

The points of a game are counted like in tennis:

15 , 30 ,45, Game


The set is won by the first team to reach 6 games while leading 2 games in advance and the team wins the match  by being first to win 2 sets


The server must be behind the serve line and hit the ball diagonally onto the opposite court. However, the serve must be carried out below the pelvic line hitting the ball underarm, not over the head like in tennis. The rest of the players can position themselves anywhere on the field.


Padel is a sport that is usually played in doubles, with two players on each courtside


Can be played in singles as well, on singles courts.


The ball can bounce off the glass walls on each side's baseline before the balls are hit back to the opponent’s side.


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