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PadelOne to launch in Essen, Germany

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

The Greyfield Group, along with PadelOne GmbH, brings the former Funke printing factory in Essen to life once more. In the historic printing hall you will soon be able to play Padel tennis, the trending sport that has made its mark in the global sports sphere. PadelOne Group, of which PadelOne GmbH is a subsidiary, is continuing its global expansion from its roots in Sweden, where padel has risen to be one of the most rapidly growing sports. PadelOne GmbH will occupy approximately 3,000 square meters of the property at Schederhofstrasse 55 on a long-term basis.

"The German market for padel tennis is growing rapidly and we're proud to be one of the pioneers in bringing quality padel tennis available for everyone to Germany. We have large ambitions for Germany over the coming years and the former Essen printing factory will be our first flagship padel facility in the country. We are excited to work with Greyfield in revamping this historical building into a fun and modern use for citizens of Essen and nearby cities." comments Johan Rosberg, CEO of PadelOne GmbH.

The letting was accompanied by Ruhr Real GmbH.

Another new tenant is Meta Biomed Europe GmbH. The Korean Company moves from Mülheim to Essen and will use around 830 square meters for storage and distribution of medical products.

The letting was accompanied by the Essen Economic Development Agency.

With these two tenants, 85% of the property will be in use by next year, as the projects are expected to be finalized then. The Greyfield Group had the former printing house of the Funke media group in Essen acquired last year in order to convert the building into industrial real estate with sustainability at its core. The focus will be set on the preservation of the building’s structure as well as the avoidance of additional CO2 and resource consumption.

Michel Konkol, project manager at Greyfield Group: “In the future, with the possibility of playing padel tennis in the center of Essen, our philosophy is becoming increasingly clear: we must combine what remains of the past with the visions of the present, leveraging potential in the portfolio while also providing real estate that gives back to the people of the city” Konkol concludes.

More information about the Greyfield Group:

The Greyfield Group is a project developer and portfolio holder founded in 2012 that encompasses the companies Liwon and Stana as well, which are all active within the property industry. The Greyfield Group aims to make their portfolio consist of properties with past identities that unfortunately have lost their use in recent years. The company finds its purpose in saving these properties from demolition by bringing new life to them through modern means and giving back to the people. Greyfield strongly believes that there is more value in redeveloping, as opposed to simply developing, properties as their ventures contribute to the preservation of what already exists and protection of the climate with less wasted resources. In addition, the non-profit Greyfield Foundation supports projects, science, research and education in the field of redevelopment, construction in pre-existing buildings, sustainable urban planning and resource management.

More information about PadelOne Group:

PadelOne Group is a Swedish global investor, real estate developer and operator of padel facilities. Founded in 2019, the company recently set off on a large international expansion with it currently having subsidiaries in Germany, UK, Hong Kong and China. PadelOne has constructed and operated several padel facilities throughout Sweden and recently opened two new facilities in Gavle, north of Stockholm. Apart from serving as sports facilities, PadelOne’s buildings have also been constructed with other use purposes operations in mind - some offering gyms, retail, offices and logistics spaces.

Contact person, PadelOne

Johan Rosberg

T: +46 72 00 67 466

Contact person, Greyfield Group

Michel Konkol

M +49 170 2355988


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